If you are a nurse, teacher, or any government worker, we have a loan for you!

This is a loan product designed for the Government or Public Sector employees who receive their salaries through the Controller and Accountant General system.

The customer will be required to have his salary channeled through GN Bank for deductions to be made at source.

Your dream car is closer than ever. We make it possible!


The loan is repayable over a maximum period of 48 months for used cars (Used car should not be more than 5 years)

A maximum of 60 months for new cars. Come to GN Bank and drive your FIRST RIDE away

Come to GN Bank and drive your FIRST RIDE away!

SME loans are loans to individuals, companies and enterprises for any declared legal purposes.

The product is offered to existing and non-GN Bank customers who have been in business for at least 1 year. Non-GN Bank customers are required to open accounts for repayment.

The SME term loans are granted for a period of up to 3 years.

The minimum amount will be Ghc10,000.00.


  • Competitive interest rates
  • Reduced interest rates for the repeat clients, depending on credit history
  • Prompt processing of loan applications

Customers make deposits for a minimum of two months.

Build a guarantee fund of 20% of amount being borrowed.

Security required for a Susu loan is a personal guarantor and a guarantee fund which would be created from the applicants susu account.

Repayment of loans is made through a flexible package covering between six to twelve months. Repayments are mobilized/collected by the Bank's Mobile Bankers on a daily basis.

Loan amounts are between Ghc400.00 - Ghc9000.00

Farmer based loans are facilities granted to farmer based groups to support purchase of inputs. The Bank participates in MiDA programmes to administer funds made available to support farmers.

Don't Borrow to invest
Do not borrow money to invest, it is a big no no. This does not differ from gambling. Refer to tip No.2 and avoid borrow money to invest. One should save money to invest.


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