Diaspora Account Service

The GN Bank Diaspora Account is a service that allows Ghanaians living abroad to open savings and current account with GN Bank. You can deposit funds into this account meant for designated beneficiaries. The funds can be remitted to meet needs through any of the over 110 locations of GN Bank in all 10 regions of the country.



  • Have a banking relationship in Ghana whilst abroad
  • Have funds in your account available in Cedis.
  • Make transfers to meet obligations in Ghana (school fees, medical bills of family, building projects etc.)
  • Instant confirmation of account details via email
  • Instant notification on every successful transaction.
  • Convenience

How to apply

Account Opening Requirements

  • specimen signature
  • 1 Passport size picture (not more than 6 months old)
  • Valid International passport and Driver's license or Valid Ghanaian Voters ID card.
  • Proof of address: utility bills etc.
  • Employer Reference
  • Tenancy agreement( not older than 6 months)

How to transfer funds into your account

Funds can be transferred into your GN Bank account through any of our International Money Transfer products by your instructions.

SWIFT Inward Remittance

  • The account holder must provide his/her full name and address to the bank.
  • Account number of the beneficiary (account of the individual or company with GN Bank)
  • GN Bank SWIFT code GNBGGHAC.
  • Correspondent Bank name and its SWIFT Code.


Find below, details to use to transfer your funds.

GN Bank’s correspondent Banks. These account details are therefore used as GN Bank’s Intermediary bank by the remitting bank. Transfers within Europe and America could be remitted through BHF Bank, Germany or Ghana International Bank Plc, UK.

  • BHF Bank A. G. 60302 Frankfurt A M Main Frankfurt, GERMANY SWIFT: BHFBDEFF Currency (EUR) Account Number: 712059 (IBAN: DE15500202000000712059) Currency (USD) Account number 0100712059 (IBAN: DE59500202000100712059
  • Ghana International Bank Plc 69 Cheapside, P. O. Box 77 London EC2P 2BB, U.K. SWIFT: GHIBGB2L SORT CODE: 609263 Currency (GBP) Account Number: 15913701 (IBAN: GB83GHIB60926315913701) Currency (USD) Account Number: 15913702 (IBAN: GB56GHIB60926315913702) Currency (EUR) Account Number: 15913703 (IBAN: GB29GHIB60926315913703)

Customers will therefore be able to transfer funds into their account without any challenge.

We cherish you and wish to start a relationship. For inquiries; email hdmalm(at)gnbankghana.com

Don't Borrow to invest
Do not borrow money to invest, it is a big no no. This does not differ from gambling. Refer to tip No.2 and avoid borrow money to invest. One should save money to invest.


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