Wo Daakye

GN Bank ‘s SAVINGS ACCOUNT will enable you to save for a much longer period and earn an attractive interest.
Parents, Guardians and individuals who want to set aside some funds for future use and take care of payments of issues such as children’s school fees, medical expenses etc.
This account is designed for you! Your money is safe and earns you an interest rate of 12.5% per annum

Key Features:

  • Account can be opened with GHp 50
  • Daily, Weekly deposit/ contribution without withdrawal for 6months to qualify for interest
  • Interest calculated on daily basis and credited monthly
  • Statements of account are given upon request
  • A deposit/ withdrawal booklet allows customer to withdraw and deposit at his own convenience And allows monitoring of his account

How To Apply

Complete the relevant application form as provided by the bank. Minimum of GHp 50 required to open account. Two Passport pictures
Don't Borrow to invest
Do not borrow money to invest, it is a big no no. This does not differ from gambling. Refer to tip No.2 and avoid borrow money to invest. One should save money to invest.


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