About Us

GN Bank was incorporated on May 30, 1997. Our goal is to provide unparalleled excellence in service anytime, anyplace and anywhere. We offer a wide-range of innovative financial products including employee loans, checking and savings accounts, consumer and residential loan products.

Our Mission
To be the National Bank for the ordinary person providing close to client banking services throughout Ghana and be known for excellent customer service while creating wealth for its stakeholders.

Our Vision
To be a truly National Bank for the Ordinary person namely; Farmers, Professionals, Students, Workers, and Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurs in Ghana.

Our Core Values

  • We approach every aspect of our work with the highest standards of integrity.
  • We value our customers.
  • We approach our work as a professional team.
  • We treat each other as we wish to be treated by others.
  • Loyalty and absolute honesty.


Don't Borrow to invest
Do not borrow money to invest, it is a big no no. This does not differ from gambling. Refer to tip No.2 and avoid borrow money to invest. One should save money to invest.


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